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Police clearance certificate in Lithuania

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The need to obtain an official document Police clearance certificate Lithuania may arise in different cases, for example, when obtaining a residence permit in Ukraine, preparing a package of documents for employment, resolving certain issues or interacting with financial organizations, as well as in establishing guardianship.

What is police clearance certificate

The basis for issuing such a certificate is the citizen's application to the authorities of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Lithuania and the documented fact of residence in the territory of Lithuania for the period of six months or more.

Police clearance certificate in Lithuania by its content confirms that the person who received it was not convicted, was not held criminally responsible and is not wanted by the police. The authenticity of the certificate, at the request of a citizen, can be certified by apostille.

Price for a certificate of criminal records in Lithuania:





195 euro

3-4 weeks*

Certificate + Apostille

265 euro

3-4 weeks*

Consultation on ordering information in Lithuania,
Apostille, legalization:


*Terms are specified without taking into account the day of ordering the service
**price includes cost of our servicesand the forwarding of documents by courier service "PONY EXPRESS"
***the price is not a public offer
****Deadlines for consideration of documents by the Ministry may be increased.

Police clearance certificate in Lithuania

Example of official certificate in Lithuania

You can obtain such a document independently

To do this, it is necessary to allocate time and money for the trip, as well as to find the opportunity to organize your stay in the territory of another state for a certain period, correctly formulate the official inquiry and personally apply directly to the Lithuanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Qualified support in obtaining a police clearance certificate

Or you can use the services of our company and obtain a police clearance certificate in Lithuania without leaving Ukraine.

To apply for such a certificate, you only need to provide a clear copy of the first page of your international passport and issued according to the sample Power of Attorney for our representative to obtain a document in Lithuania, certified by a notary.

Apostille stamp on police clearance certificate Lithuania

Example of apostille on police clearance certificate

As a result of application to our company:

  • within 3 - 4 weeks you will receive an officially issued police clearance certificate in Lithuanian language;
  • Apostille can be affix on request if required or necessary;
  • You can use the translator’s services and order the translation of the content into Ukrainian or another language with notarization;
  • additionally, upon request, you can get help in providing certificates and duplicates of documents issued by civilian registry offices in Lithuania;
  • a ready-made package of documents, upon prior agreement, is handed to you personally in hand or sent by registered mail to the given address.

It is possible to receive the qualified consultation on any question interesting you, or to specify details by the indicated telephone

Obtain police clearance certificate in Lithuania