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Polish sworn translator

Polish sworn translator is a certified translator, who obtained the accreditation of the Embassy of Poland and performs a sworn translation of documents into Polish in the territory of the Republic of Poland.

This type of translation can only be made in Poland. But you cannot worry, we cooperate with accredited Polish (sworn) translator, so you get the necessary for you translation within the shortest terms!

Terms and cost of Polish accredited translation

The price for translation directly depends on the document type and a number of signs in it, therefore, below are given the prices for translation of the most called-for documents:

Type of document


Term of translation

Standard documents:

Diploma, certificate

Police clearance certificate

Certificates from civilian registry offices

Supplement to certificate

905 UAH

Up to 6 w. days

Supplement to Bachelor Diploma

905 UAH /1125 signs

Supplement to Specialist, Master Diploma

905 UAH /1125 signs

*the price of translation of supplements to diploma may minimally vary depending on a number of signs in a.
**The price is not a public offer.

What do you need for execution of Polish sworn translation

Order sworn translation!

We will make an accredited translation into Polish within the shortest terms

Order the translation

To order this service a little non standard information is required, and namely:

  1. Coloured scan-copies of documents in high quality.
  2. To indicate the goal of document translation (employment, study and so on).
  3. To indicate the name of educational institution (in the case of translation for study).
  4. Copy of international passport (for the exact spelling of surname, name, patronymic).

You can ask all additional questions on Polish, as well as Czech sworn translation at our managers by e-mail or telephones, which are indicated on the website. Please, contact us!