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Police clearance certificate

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​A police clearance certificate is a document confirming that the person in respect of whom such a certificate is requested has no criminal record and is not wanted. Such certificate may be needed in a number of cases, for example, when applying for a job, re-registration of some documents, visiting other countries or registration of guardianship. This document is issued by the Ministry of Internal Affairs on a special form protected from forgery with a number and a series.

Order of police clearance certificate

Since a police clearance certificate may be required by public authorities at any time at a certain stage of your life, for example, when participating in a tender or in employment, it is useful to know where to get this document and the procedure for its receipt. The conditions for its receipt  you can find on our web page Prices and terms.

First of all, let's find out in what cases you may need a police clearance certificate.

Police clearance certificate may be requested:

  • When applying for a job in some cases.
  • When submitting documents to some public authorities.
  • To participate in a tender.
  • In the process of adoption or guardianship.
  • When restoring some of the lost personal documents.
  • When documenting passport, visa, arrangement employment in another country.
  • When applying for citizenship or residence permit in another country.

And this is an incomplete list. There are two types of police clearance certificates: to provide a document at the domestic level and abroad. The certificate is valid for a short time, approximately 30-90 days. The exact time depends on the authority to which the certificate is submitted. Usually the certificate for submission in foreign countries is valid for up to 90 days, and for submission to the public authorities of Ukraine each institution sets its own terms.

In order to obtain a police clearance certificate it is necessary to prepare the following documents:

  • Copies of the first and second pages of the internal passport and pages with the registration.
  • For foreigners-official translation of a valid passport into Ukrainian.

After that, you must write an application on a special IP-1 form specifying:

  • Full name and information about the alteration of name and surname if changed.
  • Information on the date and place of birth, place of residence and purpose of obtaining the certificate.
  • Contact phone number and citizenship.
  • Information on the past criminal records, if any, and evidence of current criminal records.

To apply and obtain a certificate it is necessary to contact the Department of Information Technology of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine. To simplify the procedure, you can order a police clearance certificate in companies that provide this service. In order to prepare this certificate a power of attorney is not required, so you do not even incur additional costs.

If you order a police clearance certificate in our agency you:

  • Will save your time.
  • Will avoid the queues in the Ministry of Internal Affairs.
  • Will not break your schedule. Submission of documents takes place on working days.
  • Will not submit the documents repeatedly in case of improper filling in of application form.
  • Will get an expert advice on filling in the application form and competent selection of the type of certificate you need.
  • Will receive all associated services in one place: translation, legalization, notarization, etc.
  • Will order a police clearance certificate for a few minutes only by calling.

Police clearance certificate: price and terms





10-12 work. days*

UAH 1100

*terms are specified without taking into account the day of ordering the service.
**price includes cost of our services.
***the price is not a public offer.
****deadlines for consideration of documents by the Ministry may be increased.

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How to prepare a police clearance certificate for foreign countries

If a police clearance certificate in Ukraine is required for foreign countries, we can also notarize the translation and carry out its legalization or apostille.

The complexity of the preparation of a police clearance certificate for foreign countries is that each country has its own requirements for the certification of this document. For example, for the countries of the Hague Convention, a police clearance certificate should be apostilled in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, translated into the language of the country, after that this translation is notarized and apostilled in the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine. For these countries, any police clearance certificate is legalized by consular legalization, after which it is stamped in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. After these procedures this certificate is certified by the Consulate of the country to which this certificate was provided.

If you appeal to a professional agency, you will be relieved from the necessity to deal with all such nuances, what you would have done if you were processing a police clearance certificate by yourself.

Where to get a police clearance certificate in Kyiv and Ukraine?

In Ukraine, a police clearance certificate can be obtained independently in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine or, if you want to entrust it to professionals in “Apostille&Tochka”. If you do not have about 30 days in stock to do it by yourself, please contact us and get necessary document quickly and without wasting time.

Regardless of the place of residence, you can order a police clearance certificate in our agency and get it through the postal service. We will prepare it remotely. You can send all necessary data by e-mail. Save your time and spend it on things that are really important for you.

Thus, the residents of Zaporizhzhia, Kharkiv, Dnipropetrovsk, Kryvyi Rih, Odesa, Mykolaiv, Kherson, Lviv and other cities and towns of any region of Ukraine can order a police clearance certificate, and will prepare it in 1 – 5 working days.

Obtaining a police clearance certificate abroad

Police clearance certificates can be obtained for you both in Ukraine and abroad. It is quite easy to order this service – just click on the button at the bottom of the page and fill out the form. Then our manager will answer you, and will specify all details for receipt. We can send your police clearance certificate to anywhere in the world. 

Often our clients order a lot of documents at once, so we recommend you to get acquainted with our services: apostille and consular legalization of documents, receipt of duplicate copies of birth/marriage certificates, translation and notarization of documents. We also provide such rare services as nostrification of documents, read more.

Save your time and effort, and entrust the specialists of translation agency "Apostille & Tochka" to obtain a police clearance certificate in Kyiv and other regions. The certificate can be executed for both Ukrainian citizens and foreigners. To find out the details of how to execute a police clearance certificate in Kyiv and other cities or its cost, you can call "Apostille & Tochka" at 0-800-502-763.

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