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The procedure of nostrification in Ukraine means the comparison of your diploma received outside Ukraine, with the relevant training program in Ukraine. The success of this procedure firstly depends on the correctness of translation of foreign diploma and the selection of educational program in the territory of Ukraine.

Applying to the translation agency "Apostille & tochka", you save yourself from the necessity to prepare a huge number of documentation: from written application for carrying out of nostrification to archival extracts from the educational institution, which issued the document. And most importantly: you will be for 100% sure that the preparation of all documents for nostrification will be carried out correctly and on time.

Who can nostrify diploma in Ukraine?

Recognition of documents on education in Ukraine is carried out exclusively by the Ministry of education and science, including nostrification of the diploma of PhD. The result of the expert conclusion can be both full and partial acceptance of a foreign diploma. In the latter case, it is often necessary to pass the academic difference. It will be necessary to personally negotiate with the University where you are going to pass the academic difference.

The procedure takes place in 2 stages. At the first stage, foreign documents on education submitted for recognition are checked. The second stage is the establishment of equivalence of qualifications.

Cost and terms of nostrification of documents in Ukraine

Nostrification60 working days4485 UAH
50 working days5005 UAH
40 working days5440 UAH
5, 10, 20 working days*check with the manager
Comparative analysis of subjects30 working days2865 UAH
10 working days3500 UAH

*Is possible upon presence of certificate from educational institution
**The price is not a public offer.
***Deadlines for consideration of documents by the Ministry may be increased.

Is it possible to make nostrification of a foreign diploma?

Documents, depending on the country in which they were issued, must be apostilled or legalized in the issuing state (except for the States that signed the Minsk agreement, the former CIS countries). In addition, these papers need to be translated into Ukrainian and notarized. The previous documents on education also have to be translated. It is also necessary to provide information about the school, there is a need to identify the place of the planned work or study.

How to work with us?

Order nostrification of documents in Ukraine

Send the application to the company manager for detailed advice

Open the form

On your part, it is necessary to perform a few steps in the country where you received the documents. You will need to legalize or apostille your diploma. The choice of procedure depends on the participation of a country in the Agreement on the abolition of legalization, according to the Hague Convention. Our company also provides these services: apostille and legalization.

All further actions with documents, such as: submission to the department of nostrification, filling out applications and selection of the educational program is performed by our employees. Also, when preparing documents, we usually perform their translation and notarization.

Our benefits

High professionalism of the staff, our significant experience and an excellent knowledge of all the nuances of Ukrainian laws guarantee that the procedure for the preparation of documentation for recognition will be done correctly. Recognition of the diploma is a very responsible procedure, the success of which depends largely on the legal literacy awareness of all participants. Errors in the preparation of the documentation are often the cause of rejection of the application.

Learn more about nostrification on the page What is a nostrification? On the page What documents are required for nostrification? you can learn what documents will be necessary for the legalization of the diploma.

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