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Legalization of certificates

When you move abroad, the first thing you need is to correctly prepare the package of papers. Legalization of marriage certificate and other certificates issued by civilian registry office is mandatory process for these papers use abroad. Otherwise, they will not have legal force there.

Cost and time of execution of documents legalization

Legalization of birth certificate in Ukraine should take place under the guidance of specialist, because this procedure is complicated and requires time. Visit in the ministries will take much of your strength, and all the preparation may take a long time. Trust this process to our firm, and you are guaranteed to get papers, suitable for use in the country you need.

You can legalize the required document for such prices and terms indicated in the table:

Service of consular legalization

Price in UAH.

Term of execution

In MFA of Ukraine


5/8-10 w.d.

In MinJust of Ukraine


1 w.d.

Seal of Senior Administration of Justice in Kiev City and Region for passage of legalization process

345 (for Kiev)/480 (for regions)

2 w.d./3 w.d. + delivery

Legalization in the Embassy of the required country

320 for 1 document + the embassy fees

1/3 w.d. + the embassy term

*The price is not a public offer.
**Deadlines for consideration of documents by the Ministries and Embassies may be increased.

For what do you need consular legalization of marriage certificate?

It is necessary to legalize birth or marriage certificate when traveling in the countries, which did not participate in signing of the Hague Convention of 1961. The requirements of these states consist in the need to carry out legalization of documents and their translations. The slightest defects in the process of papers preparation may lead to the fact that they will be considered invalid in the territory of the host party.

How passes the legalization of marriage certificate

Order legalization of necessary certificate

We legalize the necessary certificate from civilian registry office within the shortest terms


In order to legalize marriage certificate and other documents issued by civilian registry office, it is necessary to prepare the document itself. It shall correspond to the following criteria:

  • Absence of lamination;
  • Integrity (all data shall be clearly viewed);
  • Document shall be of a new form (otherwise you need to obtain a new one).

If you need to legalize the document, but it is lost, in such cases, the procedure of documents discovery is carried out. Also, the request of each state for documents preparation may be different, that makes difficult the legalization process for the ignorant person.

Some countries may require the translation made by accredited translator, and for others usual translation will be sufficient. The states requiring accredited translation include Italy. In such case the legalization of death certificate and its translation shall be certified. 

AiTochka will do all for you without problems!

There are cases when ministries provide defective advice on how to correctly legalize death certificate or other papers, therefore, on arrival abroad, many people have problems with invalidity of paper. Its own nuances has the legalization of power of attorney in Ukraine.

In this case it is necessary to return to Ukraine, and to issue the document again. Taking upon yourselves the responsibility for registration, you risk stumbling onto the set of problems, which also include financial costs.

Trust the process of legalization to our company, and you will protect yourself from unnecessary risks, and spent money will be completely compensated. For your convenience we attach legalized certificates:

Example of legalized birth certificate

Example of a legalized birth certificate

Example of legalized marriage certificate

The legalization certificate of marriage