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Legalization of documents in the UAE

Today the United Arab Emirates are in great demand among students and people who want to build a successful career. To implementation of any plans in this country precedes the process of legal confirmation of authenticity of all necessary documents. To the legalization is liable documentation of both individuals and legal entities. The process of legalization in the UAE is quite complicated, conjugated with legal niceties and difficulties, because the territory of this state is not covered by the Hague Convention about the abolition of the obligatory requirement of verification of authenticity of official documents.

What documents can be legalized?

Almost all documents issued in Ukraine are subject to the legalization, and namely:

  • Birth, marriage, divorce certificates, educational documents;
  • Constituent documents of enterprises and organizations (registration certificate, articles of association, memorandum, minutes and orders);
  • Different contracts and agreements, power of attorney, licenses and certificates and so on.
  • translations of all these documents (more about the legalization of translations here)

Price and terms of legalization for the UAE

Below are indicated the data of legalization for 1 document:



Term of execution

Certification in Ministry of Foreign Affairs + Ministry of Justice

1000 UAH

9-11 working days

1150 UAH

6 working days

Certification in the Consulate of the United Arab Emirates (the UAE)

2000 UAH

1-2 working days

1700 UAH

3-4 working days

*The price is not a public offer.
**Deadlines for consideration of documents by the Ministries and Embassies may be increased.

Process of documents legalization for the UAE

The only possibility to pass through the whole process cheaply is to conduct the entire process of legalization through the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates in Ukraine. A more troublesome and expensive option is the confirmation of the authenticity in our consulate in the territory of the UAE. To understand the overall picture of the benefits of each of the ways of implementing the procedure both options should be considered in more detail.

The detailed advice can be received by contacting the qualified specialists in any convenient way indicated on the website. The general order of legalization represents itself three stages.

  1. Translation of necessary documentation into English, Arab (upon request).
  2. Notarization of translation text.
  3. Certification in the relevant ministry of Ukraine.

It should be noted that for each separate category of documents the legalization procedure can be radically different. For example, to legalize specialist diploma, for affixing consular seal is used notarized copy of educational documentation. At the same time, for the legalization of birth certificate the seal is affixed on the original. To avoid losing personal time (and money), it is better to trust to the professionals the document legalization.

How legalized document for the UAE looks like?

Below is presented the example of legalized document for the UAE, which was certified and translated in Ministries of Ukraine, where the consular seal on notarized translation is seen.

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Applying to our company, without additional costs and bureaucratic red tape you receive legally correctly prepared documentation, fully legalized for the UAE. We are happy to answer to your e-mail, phone call, or will consult upon personal meeting in our office!

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