Legalization of documents for China - photo 1 Legalization of documents for China - photo 2

Legalization of documents for China

Documents must be legalized to be recognized in China and be taken into consideration by all official institutions. The need for arises almost always when things go beyond usual tourist trips.

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Send your request and attach a photo of documents that need to be legalized!

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The procedure will be necessary if you:

  • Are planning the purchase of real estate in China;
  • Are moving in the PRC for permanent or temporary place of residence;
  • Are going to open a legal entity or representation office of your company, to participate in tenders and any commercial relationships in the territory of China;
  • Are employed in China;
  • Are going to enter educational institutions or continue education;
  • Conclude marriage with a citizen of China;
  • Are figured in legal proceedings with participation of Chinese citizens or companies.

This list cannot be considered complete, since you can have any reason to prepare the documents.

What documents can be legalized for China?

The legalization bureau «Apostille & Tochka» can help you to submit to the Consulate of China in Kiev any documents, which are necessary for you. Below are indicated the most popular documents for consular legalization in China:

  • Police clearance certificate;
  • Diploma about education with supplement;
  • Birth certificate;
  • Marriage certificate;
  • Medical certificate.

Please, clarify at our employees the possibility of submission of other documents for legalization!

Cost of documents legalization for China

We offer to our clients several prices for a full legalization, therefore, you can choose for yourselves the most convenient:

Type of service

Price of service

Term of execution

Certification of document in Ministry of Justice

300 UAH

1 w.d.

Certification of document in Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine

700 UAH

8-10 w.d.

850 UAH

5 w.d.

Translation into Chinese

from 405 UAH

from 1 w.d.

Legalization in the Consulate of China in Kiev

320 UAH /document + consular fee

Term of embassy

*The price is not a public offer.
**Deadlines for consideration of documents by the Ministries and Embassies may be increased.

Procedure of legalization for the PRC

The procedure of legalization, elaborated with the development of active relations between Ukraine and China, represents itself a sufficiently complex process:

  1. Having in hands the document executed by Ukrainian authorities, a citizen shall issue the power of attorney for the company employee, who helps in this document legalization, as well as to notarize it. You can do it in the place of stay, this service is provided abroad by the Consulate of Ukraine.
  2. Further the applicant or his/her representative shall translate the document into English or Chinese (depending on a particular task), as well as to notarize it.
  3. After this the citizen (his/her representative) shall arrive with the document in Ministry of Justice, where you need to obtain stamp and signature of its representative.
  4. Next stage: visit of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, where you also shall obtain the relevant certifying stamps and signatures.
  5. At the last stage the citizen (his/her representative) shall visit the Consulate of the PRC in order that this institution certifies the authenticity of seal and signature of the MFA’s representative, by the signature of Chinese consul and the consular seal.

Ready! Now the document can be used in the territory of the Celestial Empire by all citizens, official persons and institutions.

Example of document legalization for its use in China

In order that you be able to understand what appearance will have the document after final preparation, we prepared several photos of legalized documents for China below:

Seal of ministry for legalization in the PRC

Back side of document with the seals of Ukrainian ministries

Legalization stamp for China from the Consulate of the PRC in Kiev

Stamp of the Consulate of China in Kiev, which confirms the legalization