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Legalization for Spain

Spain is the country, which became the country-participant of the Hague Convention on September 25, 1978. This means that the legalization of documents for Spain is carried out by way of apostille affixing on them.

You can legalize documents from the following agencies:

  • Ministry of Justice;
  • Ministry of Education;
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs;
  • Papers from other agencies.

Cost of legalization for Spain

Below are presented the terms and the cost of legalization in different agencies of Ukraine and accompanying procedures:



Price in UAH

Apostille in MFA

8-10 w.d.


5 w.d.


Apostille in MES

30 w.d.


10 w.d.


3 w.d.


Apostille in MinJust

7-10 w.d.


Translation into Spanish (for 1800 signs)

1 w.d.


Certification of translation in the Embassy (for 30 lines)

from 30 w.d.


Notarization of translation (for document with the volume up to 30 sheets)

1 w.d.


** The prices of apostillization in MES are indicated for the papers of new form, in detail on the page “Prices and Terms”
*** The price is not a public offer.
**** Deadlines for consideration of documents by the Ministries and Embassies may be increased.

As you see from the page above we have a flexible system of prices and terms, thanks to which you can choose the convenient for you option, also recommend that you learn how the legalization of certificates issued by the registry office.

How passes the process of legalization

The process of papers legalization itself to Spain can be performed by the following ways:

Legalization in the consulate. Standard method, which includes:

  1. “Apostille” stamp is affixed on document original;
  2. Document translation without notarization;
  3. Legalization in the Consulate of Spain.

Double apostillization. This method consists of the following stages:

  1. Apostille affixing on document original or notarized copy;
  2. Paper translation into Spanish is made;
  3. This translation is notarized;
  4. Affixing of one more apostille and notarized translation of all package of papers.

What method to choose?

As it has been already written above, it is possible to legalize papers in Spain be several methods. Of course, you shall know the requirements to documents preparation at the host party, but very often it is sufficient to affix apostille.

There were cases when the papers, which passed through the process of double apostillization, were rejected by the host party. The translation by a sworn translator was too expensive, and this service is not almost used.

Below you can see the examples of “apostille” stamp from different agencies of Ukraine:

Legalization from MinJust

Legalized documents from MinJust

Legalization of documents in MFA

“Apostille” stamp affixed in MFA

Legalized document from MES

Legalization stamp “apostille” from MES of Ukraine

We will help to legalize documents!

Apply to us for documents legalization in Spain. We will help to pass the whole process from the beginning to the end without unnecessary concerns you will get the legalized document. Also, we will be able to easily legalized translation. Call us, we will advice you free of charge!

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