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Dichiarazione di valore

Dichiarazione di valore – is an official document, which you can obtain in the Embassy of Italy. This declaration gives the right to:

  • Study in Italy;
  • Legally work in Italy.

Cost of obtaining Dichiarazione di valore in Kiev

The table below shows the term and the cost of obtaining Dichiarazione di valore.

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Dichiarazione di valoreDepends on the Embassy workload3725 UAH

*obtaining Dichiarazione Di Valore for work will require a notarized certificate from the MES (contact manager to learn the price)
**The price is not a public offer.
***Deadlines for consideration of documents by Embassies may be increased.

Dichiarazione di valore in Kiev

Dichiarazione di valore

The process of declaration obtainment composes of 5 stages:

  1. Collection of all main documents about education and affixing apostille on them in Ministry of Education of Ukraine. You shall apply in MES only with the papers issued in our country.
  2. Preparation of documents translations.
  3. Certification of translations at a notary and obtaining apostille on them. Optionally you may legalize the translations in the Embassy of Italy.
  4. Filling the application of established form.
  5. Submission of all package of documents in the Embassy of Italy.

For obtaining Dichiarazione di valore you will be required the following documents:

  1. School certificate and supplement to it.
  2. Diploma about higher education and supplement with marks.
  3. Notarized translations.
  4. Apostille on each document.
  5. Application.

Let’s remember that the documents translation shall be made only at accredited translator, for example, for documents translation for Poland you need to use the services of Polish sworn translator, this especially concerns Polish universities, which often require just this type of translation.