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Apostille on death certificate

Death certificate is a legal and medical document of state form, confirming the fact of a person’s death and indicating its cause. Depending on a specific situation, this official paper is often necessary in order that relatives and family members of the deceased could legitimately:

  • Organize the body burial and use ritual services;
  • Register payment of allowance;
  • Receive access to finance and property of the grantor;
  • Conclude a new marriage (according to the laws of several countries).

Depending on the term of affixing the price of apostillization of death certificate is the following:




Apostille on death certificate in Ukraine

7-10 work days

520 UAH

**the price is not a public offer.
***Deadlines for consideration of documents by the Ministries may be increased.

Apostille on death certificate

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Apostille for death certificate is relevant mainly when it is required to present the translated document in the countries, which have signed the Hague Convention. This procedure may also be required to return the remains of the deceased to home country or registration of inheritance, if a person has died abroad.

How and where apostille is affixed on death certificate

There are several ways of apostillization of death certificate. As a rule, the stamp is affixed on:

Civilian registry office is the only authority, where you can affix apostille on this document, and with notarized copies is working Administration of Ministry of Justice.

Why it is worth entrusting us with apostille of death certificate

Applying to the translation agency “Apostille & Tochka” you receive the best conditions of collaboration:

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Apostille of death certificate in Ukraine

Apostilled death certificate

Apostillization of death certificate

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