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Apostilling of court decision

For the court judgment to be valid throughout the territory of another state, it should be legalized. A simplified legalization procedure – apostilization – is available to the member states of the Hague Convention.

Apostille on the court judgment is attached in the Ministry of Justice. But before a document is submitted to the authority, a signature of the judge who issued the judgment should be certified in the regional department of justice or in the court, where the document was obtained.
In many cases such a procedure is accompanied with a number of problems. If the court hearing took place in one city and an applicant lives in another one, he/she needs to spend his/her time to go to there, because the court judgment is certified only at the place of issue. However, Apostille is placed in Kyiv only, and that entails additional costs for the majority of people in Ukraine.
Our agency will assist a citizen of any region of Ukraine in obtaining Apostille on the court judgment. Also, put the apostille for France, Spain and other countries. Our reasonable prices will help you save money considerably, and the speed of work will save your precious time.

Price of Apostille stamping onto the court judgment


Price (UAH)


Apostille stamping in the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine – notarial and court documents


7-10 w.d.

**the price is not a public offer.
***Deadlines for consideration of documents by the Ministries may be increased.

The Table contains the price for standard affixing of Apostille in the Ministry of Justice, which usually takes more than five days. The term of express apostilization should be agreed individually by phone 0-800-502-763.

Apostille in the Ministry of Justice

Fig.1 An example of Apostille on the court judgment