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Apostilling of certificate

If you or your child have decided to continue education abroad, you need to collect the obligatory package of documents for the submission in foreign educational institution. Almost always this package includes certificate. But in order to give to this paper legal force in the territory of another state, it shall be certified.

If you enter the university of one of the countries, which have signed the Hague Convention, you can pass according to simplified procedure of document legalization. For this it is sufficient to receive apostille on certificate – a special stamp, which is affixed directly on form original.

The right to affix this stamp on educational documents is vested to Ministry of Education of Ukraine.

Price and terms of getting apostille on certificate

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Work days

New form

810 UAH


1100 UAH


1485 UAH


2185 UAH *


Old form

810 UAH


1265 UAH


2185 UAH *


* The price and the term are indicated for urgent apostille, which is possible on condition if you agree with university that it gives the response in 1 day at the Ministry inquiry
**the price is not a public offer.
***Deadlines for consideration of documents by the Ministries may be increased.

It is important to take into account the according to the rules of MESU certificate and supplement to it are apostilled as different documents and are paid separately. To learn the price of apostillization of other documents you can learn in Prices and Terms.

Peculiarities of certificate apostillization

We recommend that you clarify in the consulate or in the selected educational institution about the specifics of apostille, which is required. The matter is that some states recognize only double apostille. This means that to certify both the original and the translation will not work. In this case, the following procedure is provided:

  1. Certification of original.
  2. Making translation.
  3. Certification of translation.

Upon average period of processing of one document in 20 days the whole process of preparation will take more than a month.

If you do not have this time or want to deprive yourself of the need to walk around agencies, we will do everything for you. Within the convenient terms we will affix apostille on certificate. You will only pick up the document in our office. To clients, who wish to affix apostille from regions of Ukraine, we offer the remote form of cooperation

Apostille of certificate in Ukraine

Apostilled certificate

Apostillization of certificate

Example of apostille from MES on certificate