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Apostille on marriage certificate

If you want to move into the country, which has signed the Hague Convention of 1961, consider yourself lucky: the legalization process will take a minimum of time and finances. The matter is that the countries of the Hague Convention accept documents certified under simplified procedure - apostille.

Apostille is a special stamp, which is affixed on document original, its photocopy or translation, for certification of authenticity of requisites of the officer, which it bears. You can affix it on:

  • Documents of Civilian Registry Office (apostillization of death, birth, marriage certificate)
  • Diplomas, certificates
  • Extracts from financial institutions
  • Various, other documents

Terms and price of apostillization of marriage certificate

In this table you can see the prices and the terms of this service performance:




Apostille on marriage certificate in the territory of Ukraine

555 UAH

7-10 working days

**the price is not a public offer.
***Deadlines for consideration of documents by the Ministries may be increased.

Apostille on marriage certificate!

We wait for your marriage certificates! We will easily affix apostille on them.

Send documents

Please note that the document provided for apostillization shall not be laminated. If lamination cannot be removed, you shall obligatorily require a new copy.

Procedure of issuance

Ministry of Justice is the only state authority, where you can affix apostille on marriage certificate. And then, it would seem, than that is easier – you should come only in MinJust and affix cherished stamps. But, in the legal system there are many nuances. For example, no agency will certify documents issued before 1991, because their forms have been altered since that time.

If you certificate is just of old form – firstly you need to receive its duplicate in Civilian Registry Office. It is recommended to do it under the place of marriage registration, for example, if you have concluded it in Odessa, then it is better to do the certificate only in this city.

Let’s remember that earlier for the process acceleration documents needed to be certified in Senior Administration of Justice of your city, but now it is not required.

Apostille of marriage certificate in Ukraine

Apostilled marriage certificate

Apostillization of marriage certificate

Apostille on marriage certificate from MinJust