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Apostille for France

Today many people want to tie their future life with such a developed country as France. But you need to start the whole process from the preparation of your Ukrainian documents in order they have legal force in France, namely – the apostille affixing for France.

How passes the procedure of apostillization for France

In 2003 Ukraine joined to the Hague Convention, a participant of which is also France. For participants of this convention is provided a special stamp of apostille, which simplifies the procedure of documents preparation. For France, you can provide papers of two types:

  • With affixed double apostille
  • Translated by accredited translator

In the table below you will see the list of prices and additional services for apostillization in France


Price in UAH


Apostille on documents in MFA


5 w.d.


8-10 w.d.

Apostille on documents in MinJust


7-10 w.d.

Apostille on documents in MES


1 w.d.


3 w.d.


10 w.d.


30 w.d.

Translation in French (for 1800 signs)


1 w.d.

Notarization of translation


1 w.d.

Accredited translation /for 1800 signs


Please, clarify

** The price is not a public offer.
*** Deadlines for consideration of documents by the Ministries may be increased.

Double apostille is characterized by the fact that in addition to the document original apostille is affixed on notarized translation. Translating the necessary papers by accredited translator, who is assigned to each embassy, affixing the second apostille is not required.

On what documents you can affix apostille?

Apostille for France is affixed on all documents, which you can obtain in main Ukrainian agencies, the following documents are liable to apostillization:

  • Birth, marriage certificate and other documents from civilian registry office;
  • Certificate, diploma;
  • Police clearance certificate;
  • Other state documents.

Appearance of apostilled documents for France

Below you can see the examples of apostilled documents from the main agencies of Ukraine:

Apostille of MES for France

Ministry of Education

Apostille in MFA for France

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

 Apostille of MinJust for France

Ministry of Justice

What to do if you are not in Kiev?

Since the main agencies affixing apostille for Spain, France and other countries are located in Kiev, and these are:

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Ministry of Education and Science
  • Ministry of Justice

Much more rational option would be to apply to our company. We can easily put an apostille for Turkey, France and other countries. Just calculate how much money you will spend on the road, you will lose valuable time. Therefore, it is better to send all by mail, or use the form of documents sending. The representatives of our company will perform all work and send you all back. You can independently choose the best for you delivery method.

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