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Apostille on diploma

You have decided to find a job abroad? Or maybe you want to get a second higher education in another country? In this case, you cannot do without the apostille on diploma.

This stamp is required for the recognition of your certificate about higher education in foreign institutions, whether it be university, college or any other organization. It is acknowledged by all countries, which have signed the Hague Convention, including: Australia, Greece, Denmark, Israel, Spain, China, Cyprus, New Zealand, Norway, Slovakia, Slovenia, USA, Turkey, Finland, Croatia, Sweden, Japan and many others.

Apostille on certificate and diploma is issued exclusively by Ministry of Education of Ukraine. According to the rules this procedure occupies from five up to 20 days, however, in practice, especially in the summer period the term of issuance may constitute even two months.

Price and terms of apostille affixing on diploma in Ukraine

In the table below you will see the term and the price of diploma apostillization, but if you want to acquaint with other prices for apostille – navigate in the website section “Prices and Terms

Type of diploma


Work days

Plastic diploma

810 UAH


1100 UAH


1485 UAH


2185 UAH *


Old form of diploma (book), certificate

810 UAH


1265 UAH


2185 UAH *



* The price and the term are indicated for urgent apostille, which is possible on condition if you agree with university that it gives the response in 1 day at the Ministry inquiry
**the price is not a public offer.
***Deadlines for consideration of documents by the Ministries may be increased.

Double apostillization of diploma

According to international agreements, some states, such as Austria, Belgium, Great Britain, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, France and Switzerland, require double apostille. This is a more complicated process. It consists of several stages:

Apostille on diploma!

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  1. Apostillization of documents originals.
  2. Translation of diploma and supplement to it.
  3. Apostillization of translations.

Thus, obtainment of apostille on Ukrainian diploma turns into a quite long bureaucratic procedure. If you need a cherished stamp urgently or do not want to pass independently governmental agencies, entrust this work to us. Even in one day we legalize your diploma and you get ready work without hassle. Note that apostille of diploma is made in Kiev, but this service is available in all regions of Ukraine.

Apostille of diploma in Ukraine

Apostilled diploma

Apostillization of diploma

Example of apostille from MES