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Apostille for Italy

In order that documents of a citizen of Ukraine are valid in the territory of Italy, before their sending to another country it is worth to deal with their preparation and legalization. Apostille affixing on documents necessary for full-fledged residence has a lot to do with this procedure.

Procedure of documents apostillization for Italy

In the case of Italy, it is worth talking about documents apostillization followed by an accredited translation of documents and their certification in the Embassy. Only after this procedure, documents will be valid in the territory of the Italian Republic.

The process itself takes place in several stages:

  1. Apostille on document. After having submitted the original document of the state standard form in our office, we will help you to affix apostille within the shortest terms;
  2. Translation by Italian accredited translator (translator at the embassy). At the moment, the Italian Embassy accepts only such a variant of translated text. Concerning the documents, the translations of which were made by usual translator followed notarization, the embassy often refuse in legalization. The cost of an accredited translation for Italy is 320 UAH/1800 signs of translated text. The terms of execution are 5-6 working days.
  3. Document certification in the consulate. After executing this paragraph, the documents will have full legal force in Italy. To do this, you must submit them to the consulate or provide to the authorized employees of our office, by using the power of attorney. The cost of our services for one document submission is 320 UAH.

Often people apply to us directly from Italy, therefore, the procedure of preparing the power of attorney in the territory of Italy is the question also very important and actual.

Variants of preparing the power of attorney are as follows:

  1. Power of attorney registered at local notary. It is necessary to affix apostille on such a power of attorney and to send us the original. We will translate this document into Ukrainian, and only after this the power of attorney will be considered valid in the territory of Ukraine.
  2. Registration of power of attorney in the Consulate of Ukraine in Italy. If you are a citizen of Ukraine – you may apply in the consulate and to make the power of attorney on our employees directly in Ukrainian. This will simplify the procedure (you won’t need to affix apostille and we to translate and certify).
  3. Hand-drawn power of attorney. For such a document has the right only that person, who has one of the following documents:
  • Residence Permit (Permesso di soggiorno);
  • Identity Card (Carta d'identità).

Only upon the presence of one of these documents you can use the variant of hand-drawn power of attorney.

Cost and terms of documents preparation

Our company understands the current economic situation in the country, and therefore we try to maintain our prices at a maximally lower level:


Term of execution


Apostille for Italy

2-3 working days

800 UAH

Translation by a sworn translator

5-6 working days

320 UAH/1800 signs

Documents submission to the embassy

320 UAH/1 document

*the price is not a public offer.
**Deadlines for consideration of documents by the Ministries and Embassies may be increased.

The Embassy processes documents within the term of up to 2 weeks. This term depends on the institution load.

Italy Apostille MFA Ukraine


Italy Apostille Ministry of Justice Ukraine

Ministry of Justice

Italian Apostille of Ministry of Education of Ukraine

Mininstry of Education

What documents can be apostilled for Italy?

Going to Italy for a long time it is worth to collect a complete set of documents that may be required for residence in the territory of this country. Thus, to become a full-fledged participant of the life of Italian society, as a minimum, you need to have upon yourself the following apostilled documents:

  1. Certificate, diploma;
  2. Passport, birth certificate;
  3. Marriage certificate, police clearance certificate.

Having in hands these legalized documents you can conduct a full-fledged life in Italy, without facing difficulties in employment registration, contract execution, etc. Upon apostille affixing these Ukrainian documents will have full legal force and will open many opportunities before the owner.

Additional services of our company

We, the translation bureau “Apostille & Tochka” besides this service also offer to all our clients the consultation on the issues of documentation. We will help to prepare a set of documents for Dichiarazione di valore, to apostille documents for Austria, Greece and other countries of the world.

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