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Apostille for Spain

Resettlement for permanent place of residence, acquisition of real estate, admission in any of Spanish universities – if your trip is connected with any of such end purposes, then you should prepare the necessary package of documents, their translation in this case into Spanish, certification, as well as apostille affixing for Spain. Otherwise they won’t have any legal force, about which tells the valid international legislation.

Process of documents apostillization for Spain

Apostille is a form of international stamp, which is affixed on document itself or on a separate additional sheet, which shall be attached to original. Then you need to make the translation of this document, then to certify it in the Consulate, which will confirm the correctness of made translation. Apostille for Spain is affixed on the following documents:

  • Diploma, certificate;
  • Birth certificate, passport;
  • Police clearance certificate, marriage certificate
  • Other state documents.

Price and term of apostille affixing for Spain

This table presents the service of apostillization and accompanying procedures



Working days

Apostille in MES for Spain

1485 UAH


1100 UAH 


810 UAH 


Apostille in MinJust for Spain

705 UAH 


Apostille in MFA for Spain

800 UAH 


650 UAH 


Certification of translation in the Consulate (for 30 lines)

1200 UAH

from 30 working days

Translation of documents into Spanish (for 1800 signs)

240 UAH


* The indicated price does not include the payment of state duty in the amount of 51 UAH.
*1 The indicated price does not include the payment of state duty in the amount of 310 UAH.
*2 The indicated price does not include the payment of state duty in the amount of 160 UAH.
** The process for MES is indicated for documents of a new form, see in detail in “Prices and Terms”
***The price is not a public offer.
****Deadlines for consideration of documents by the Ministries and Embassies may be increased.

You can track that the price of apostillization for Spanish depends on the term of service performance. Also note that the certification of translation in the Consulate costs a lot of money, please apply to "AiTochka" and we will do the correct and high-quality translation of your documents.

Where to affix apostille for Spain

In Ukraine the following state agencies apostille documents:

  • Ministry of Justice (documents of notaries, authorities of justice, courts);
  • Ministry of Education and Science (papers from educational institutions, organizations, state authorities and enterprises, which belong to the field of education, science and study);
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs (documents, which were not included in the above listed groups).

Apostilled document for Spain looks like this

We offer to see examples of documents from three agencies in order that you could verify them.

Apostille in MFA for Spain

Apostilled document from MFA

Apostille MinJust for Spain

Apostille stamp affixed by MinJust

Apostille of MES for Spain

Example of documents with apostille from MES

Apply to us!

The translation bureau “Apostille & Tochka” will help you to prepare quickly all documents. Also, we will put apostille for Turkey, Germany and other countries that have signed the Hague Convention. Remember that you can rely on getting advice on all issues, which are connected with your documents.

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