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Apostille for Greece

In order Ukrainian official document become legal in Greece it is necessary to affix a unique stamp – apostille. According to the Hague Convention d/d 1961, this is a maximum possible simplified variant of document legalization in the states that are a party to the Convention (including Greece, France and other countries). That is why in this very case it is sufficient to affix an apostille to the documents for Greece. Apostilization of each type of document is carried out by the empowered authorities and within various time period – from one to thirty days.

Where to affix apostille for Greece in the territory of Ukraine

Four authorities are authorized to apostilize documents in Ukraine – depending on the nature of the document it can be State Registration Service, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Education. It’s not very convenient especially for those people who live in regions – a trip to the capital of the country requires time and expenditures.

We, Legalization Bureau ‘Apostille & Tochka’ are ready to relieve you from the problems relating to selection of a necessary state authority, visiting of various offices and waiting in queues – apostilization procedure happens within limited time period and at a favorable price. All we need from you is an original document or its copy certified by a notary.

Apostille for Greece – price and terms

Apostilization procedure varies from 1 to 30 days, depending on the document nature. The price depends on urgency and state authority, which shall apostilize a document. Acting prices and terms are given in the table.




Apostille at the Ministry of Education for Greece

2185 UAH

1 business day

1485 UAH

3 business days

1100 UAH

10 business days

810 UAH

30 business days

Apostille at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for Greece

800 UAH

5 business days

650 UAH

8-10 business days

Apostille at the Ministry of Justice for Greece

555 UAH

7-10 business days

Translation into Greek

255 UAH (1800 charters)

1 business day

Notarized translation

225 UAH

** the price is not a public offer.
*** Deadlines for consideration of documents by the Ministries may be increased.

The price is affected by other peculiarities, which can be clarified at the free-of-charge consultation provided by the experts of the company ‘Apostille & Tochka’. With the help of the experts apostille can be affixed very soon and not very expensive; urgent apostilization is also possible, even the court's decision.

Document preparation procedure for Greece

According to the Convention Greece easily accepts documents from Ukraine with apostille. But there are some peculiarities regarding document translation. Very often Greece institutions require translation to be performed in the territory of Greece. That is why we suggest clarifying this information before referring to our Bureau in order to avoid mistakes in document preparation.

Can one receive denial in apostilization

Sometimes it is impossible to get a needed stamp. It can happen in the following cases:

  • Considerable damage of the document;
  • You have applied to the wrong authority – given institution is not authorized to apostilize this very document;
  • Presence of non-stipulated adscript and corrections in a document.

In each case the problems shall be solved individually, according to the list of the documents subject to apostilization. Earlier before apostille couldn’t be affixed to employment books, passports, military IDs and some other documents, however, starting from August 2014 apostille can be affixed to this documents.

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