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Apostille for Germany

Going to Germany for education obtainment, for employment or for the purpose of marriage, you need to take care of your documents. Before 2010 Ukraine was not recognized by Germany as a full-fledged member of the Hague Convention of 1961, and papers of legal and physical persons passed the procedure of consular legalization through the embassy. Since July 2010, for the recognition of necessary for you documents in state institutions of Germany, you only need to affix apostille stamp.

Procedure of documents apostillization for Germany

The very order of apostille affixing on documents for the FRG is similar to many other countries. You just have to visit a particular legalization department of the relevant Ukrainian Ministry and to apostille document.

Apostille obtainment is the first step, the second step will be the translation into German. If you plan to send the completed documents to the German Embassy, it is sufficiently to certify the text translation by Ukrainian notary. If your documents are necessary for institutions in the territory of Germany, the translation is made by sworn translators at court. This type of translation can only be made in the territory of Germany.

Price of Apostille affixing for Germany

Prices and terms for all institutions are indicated in the table:



Term of execution

Apostille in Ministry of Foreign Affairs for Germany

800 UAH

5 working days

650 UAH

8-10 working days

Apostille in Ministry of Justice for Germany

555 UAH

7-10 working days

Apostille in Ministry of Education and Science for Germany

2185 UAH

1 working day

1485 UAH

3 working days

1100 UAH

10 working days

810 UAH

30 working days

** the price is not a public offer.
*** Deadlines for consideration of documents by the Ministries may be increased.

Time and costs depend on the department, the complexity of document and the necessary urgency.

Where you can affix apostille for Germany

As for other countries three organizations can apostille documents:

  • Ministry of Education and Science. Certifies official papers of educational institutions, organizations, enterprises and state authority concerning the field of education, study and science;
  • Ministry of Justice. Is responsible for documents, which are executed by notaries of Ukraine and authorities of justice, courts;
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Apostilles documents not included into the first two groups.

The apostille itself is affixed on documents where there is a free space from the main text. The placement on the reverse side and on an additional sheet, stapled to the document is possible.

How the apostille on documents for Germany looks like

We also want to show you the examples of Apostille stamps from three Ukrainian ministries, in order that upon documents getting you can compare them, because on our website are always only new and actual samples of documents.

Apostille in Ministry of Foreign Affairs for Germany

Stamp from Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Apostille of Ministry of Justice for Germany

Example of apostille from Ministry of Justice

Apostille of Ministry of Education and Science for Germany

Apostille from Ministry of Education and Science

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