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Apostille for Turkey

For trip abroad, employment, marriage conclusion or creating a legal entity abroad, you will need the certification of some documents received in Ukraine. For example, for confirmation of Ukrainian diploma in Turkey, you will need to affix apostille. The procedure of apostillization is a process of documents legalization for their use abroad. Since 1985 Turkey has become a country participant of the Hague Convention. Since then, for confirmation of Ukrainian documents for Turkey, it is not required their certification in Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine and the Turkish Consulate. It is sufficient to affix apostille.

Process of documents preparation for Turkey

Firstly apostille is affixed on the document itself. Then a qualified translator, having the appropriate license, translates it. Note that our translators have a large experience in the translation of many documents of various subjects, forms and directions. The last stage of legalization is the certification of translated version by a notary, so by his/her signature and certification seal a notary confirms the correctness of this translation.

Price and terms of apostille affixing for Turkey

Prices and terms of apostille affixing and other services are given in the table below:


Term of execution


Apostille in Ministry of Foreign Affairs for Turkey

5 working days

800 UAH

8-10 working days

650 UAH

Apostille in Ministry of Justice for Turkey

7-10 working days

555 UAH

Apostille in Ministry of Education and Science for Turkey

1 working day

2185 UAH

3 working days

1485 UAH

10 working days

1100 UAH

30 working days

810 UAH

Translation of documents into Turkish (for 1800 signs)

1 working day

255 UAH

Certification at notary

1 working day

225 UAH

** the price is not a public offer.
*** Deadlines for consideration of documents by the Ministries may be increased.

The table shows that the terms of affixing apostille stamp for Turkey vary from 1 up to 30 working days. The cost of such a service depends on the document type and the ministry certifying it.

How Apostille stamp for Turkey looks like

We present to your attention the examples of affixed apostille of main Ukrainian institutions:

Apostille in Ministry of Foreign Affairs for Turkey

Stamp from Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Apostille of Ministry of Justice for Turkey

Example of apostille from Ministry of Justice

Apostille of Ministry of Education and Science for Turkey

Apostille from Ministry of Education and Science

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We will take upon ourselves all cares on apostillization for Germany, Belgium, Turkey and other countries, translation and quick notarization of your Ukrainian documents. It should be obligatorily noted that the office of our legal company is open and accepts documents only in the capital of Ukraine. You need to transfer to the managers of our company non laminated originals of documents and determine the terms of their preparation. You can make payment for our services in any way. And for residents of remote regions of Ukraine we offer the remote form of cooperation.

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