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Apostille for Belgium

Moving to Belgium for permanent employment, establishment of a legal person or concluding of an official marriage, you’ll face a necessity to confirm documents issued in Ukraine. You can officially use them in Belgium only after their legalization through apostilization. This procedure stipulates affixation of a certain stamp, certifying authenticity of translation of an official document.

Preparation of documents with apostille for Belgium

Apostilization is a simplified form of official legalization of documents, approved by Hague Convention in 1961. Belgium has joined to the mentioned above Convention, but there are certain forms of apostilization for various Ukrainian documents for their official usage in this country. Separate instructions exist for legalization of various types of official documents.

Note that Belgian institutions require double apostilization of Ukrainian documents. In this case the procedure is a little more complicated and it is described below.

  1. Apostille on the original of the required document. Firstly the stamp is affixed to the original document. The ministry to which this document will be submitted to for apostille depends on the very document. Price of this operation depends on the required urgency. We can affix apostille to some documents for one day; all depends on the chosen urgency by you.
  2. Translation of the original. After apostilization translation is performed. To use documents in Belgium, you may require their translation into Dutch, French or German. Our bureau offers such service for 180–335 UAH/document. You can be sure in translation quality. It is performed by experienced translators of our bureau mainly for one business day.
  3. Notarization of translation. After translation a document should be notarized. A notary certifies qualification of a translation and quality of the performed translation. The documents get registration number and notary seals.
  4. Second apostille. Second apostille apostilization is the next step. Second apostille is affixed to the original of the translation, confirms its correctness and makes it possible to be used in Belgium. In fact, the second apostille certifies legitimacy of the translated document. Any state authority of Belgium will be liable to take it into consideration.

Apostille for Belgium – price and terms

As far as our company offers various terms of apostilization – we’ll specify all possible prices and number of business days, needed to get an apostilized document:




Apostille to the documents to the Ministry of Education

30 business days

810 UAH

10 business days

1100 UAH

3 business days

1485 UAH

1 business day

2185 UAH

Apostille to documents to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

8-10 business days

650 UAH

5 business days

800 UAH

Apostille to documents to the Ministry of Justice

7-10 business days

555 UAH

Translation into one of official languages

1 business day

from 180 UAH (1800 characters)

Notarized translation

225 UAH

apostille onto the translated document (double apostille)

2 business days


** the price is not a public offer.
*** Deadlines for consideration of documents by the Ministries may be increased.

Documents that can be apostilized for the Kingdom of Belgium

Apostille can be affixed to:

  • Documents certifying declared person;
  • Various certificates and official acts of civil status;
  • Technical passports;
  • Acts of court authorities;
  • Permit for carrying carious weapon;
  • Certificates issued for various purposes and various state authorities of Ukraine.

A right to apostille documents have relevant ministries of Ukraine. Thus, apostille to the higher education diploma will be affixed by the Ministry of Education of Ukraine, and, respectively, other ministries apostille only those documents a list of which is specified in advance.

Applying to the legalization bureau ‘Apostille & Tochka’

Such complicated procedure like apostilization for Italy, Austria, Belgium and other countries takes a lot of time and efforts. If you do it on your own you’ll need to visit many institutions and organizations in order to fulfill correctly your papers; transportation expenses can be added here. We offer qualitative services, which will allow saving time and money. All you need is to contact managers, receiving applications, give them original documents and specify terms during which you would like to get your documents with apostille. We can cooperate both with physical and legal persons. You can find out with our public offer by clicking on the link.

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