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Apostille for Austria

When your trip to Austria is not restricted to tourism and rest only, then a lot of questions in terms of document preparation arise. Property acquisition, moving for permanent residence, obtaining or finishing European education – trips for such purposes require certain procedures: preparation of peculiar documents, their translation and certification, apostilization in order to submit them to the authorities of Austria.

Legalization or apostille?  What kind of legalization does Austria require

Owing to Hague Convention, signed in 1961 (the party to which is the Republic of Austria), the process has been considerably simplified and now it is much easier to legalize documents for Austria in the territory of Ukraine. Now Austrian institutions very often require documents with double apostille.   

Apostille is an internationally approved type of stamp, certifying authenticity and validity of a document, to which it is affixed. Apostille is affixed to the very document or to an additional paper sheet affixed to the original document. It can be in the international language – English or French, or in national language of the country where you apply; however, doubling in both languages is also possible.  

Double apostille is different in that it is affixed not only to the original document, but also to its translation. This is the process we will describe in detail.

Price and terms for apostilization of documents for Austria

Notwithstanding that history of referring to our company with a request to apostilize documents for Austria certifies that is necessary to affix double apostille at once, we’ll specify all terms and price separately in order you could understand how much costs one or another service.

Depending on the document submitted, the apostille can be affixed by three institutions:

  • Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, and starting from 2015 – Civil Status Acts Registration Office (documents, issued by CSARO, court or notary);
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine (medical references, police clearance certificates and other references from the place of residence);
  • Ministry of Education of Ukraine (diploma, secondary education certificate, and archival documents).




Apostille to documents - Ministry of Foreign Affairs

800 UAH

5 business days

650 UAH

8-10 business days

Apostille to documents - Ministry of Justice

705 UAH

7-10 business days

Apostille to documents on education (Ministry of Education)

2185 UAH

1 business day

1485 UAH

3 business days

1100 UAH

10 business days

810 UAH

30 business days

Translation into English/German

200 UAH/1800 charters

1 business day

Notarized translation

225 UAH

Second apostille onto the translated document


2 business days

** the price is not a public offer.
*** Deadlines for consideration of documents by the Ministries may be increased.

As far as in Austria both English and German are official languages, translation of a document into peculiar language depends on the authority and its requirements where this document will be submitted. Translation of the document is attached to the original document, or to the copy of the document. Availability of the international passport is a mandatory requirement in order to write correctly full name when translating.

How apostilization of documents for Austria happens

Like for many other states (parties to Hague Convention, such as Greece), this is a standard procedure for Austria:

  1. Apostilization of the original document. Having submitted document for apostilization to the Ministry of CSARO our couriers take back ready document and deliver it to our office.
  2. Translation of the document. Depending on the chosen language for translation our certified translators perform translation of the document according to all norms and standards.
  3. Notarial certification of translation. A copy of the document along with apostille and translation is certified by a notary.
  4. Apostilization of the translation of the document. We submit notarized copy with the translation to the Ministry of Justice to affix apostille to it.

It should be noted that last stage (affixation of the second apostille) is not obligatory. We described it based on our order statistics. Detailed variant of document preparation should be clarified at the institution, where you are going to submit your documents.

Also, we put apostille on the court's decision. If you have any questions and you would like to get a free consultation, please, contact us via e-mail, phone or chat on the web site!

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