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How to obtain a duplicate of Marriage Certificate

How to recover marriage certificate in Ukraine

Marriage certificate is an important document required for married couple to solve many issues. It may be required for employment, when applying for a visa, application to the court or when receiving a large loan. Women, who changed the surname, need to attach this paper to almost any package of documents.

Unfortunately, sometimes a marriage certificate is lost, stolen or accidentally spoiled. In such cases it is necessary to obtain duplicate. In fact, it represents a copy of the original, made on the official form. On the top of the form the inscription "Repeated" is obligatorily made.

Attention! In this case the word “duplicate” means obtainment of “Repeated certificate”.

What do you need to obtain duplicate of marriage certificate with the help of “Apostille & Tochka”?

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Not the first year we help our clients to obtain duplicates of document. Therefore, for a long period of time we were able to minimize the number of documents required for this procedure:

  1. Scan-copy of the document original or simply the data if the document was not preserved.
  2. Power of attorney* for documents obtainment.

* We can send the example of power of attorney on email upon request.

Exclusive service of Aitochka!Upon applying for obtainment of repeated marriage certificate, we can clarify the possibility of documents issuance free of charge!This may be actual for documents issued for a long time, or for those, which have been issued in the territory of temporarily occupied part of Ukraine.

Stages of independent obtainment of duplicate

In principle, to obtain independently duplicate of marriage certificate is simple, but depending on the particular civilian registry office, it may be a bit tiresomely. Especially for those who have not used to deal with our governmental agencies with their eternal queues and not always customer-oriented employees.

Civilian registry offices deal with issuance of repeated certificates about marital status. It is better to apply to that, where the marriage was registered. So the whole procedure may take a couple of hours, because the information and the record about marriage are right there on-site.

Another thing, if the couple moved to another city or country. The application for the document recovery shall be submitted in person at least by one of the spouses. Therefore, to obtain the duplicate you must either to go to your city, or to apply in the central registry office under the place of residence. In the last case, it may take up to 10 days, until your request will be sent from institution to institution, and the result will go in the opposite direction.

If you have still decided to act independently - you should acquaint with the procedure, in order to know for what to be prepared.

The process itself includes five stages:

  1. To appear in civilian registry office. For this the presence of one of the spouses is sufficient. However you shall exactly know the passport data of both partners. If possible, it’s better to apply just in that institution, where the marriage was concluded – so the task will be resolved quicker.
  2. To fill out the form. The employee of the palace of marriages will issue the application of the established form.
  3. To pay the invoice. Issuance of duplicate of marriage certificate is paid. You must fork out the state duty and accompanying payments – the cost of form, the service of application acceptance.
  4. You shall submit applications and receipts in civilian registry office.
  5. To waive for duplicate issuance. This may take from several minutes up to several days. Al depends on the competent authority and its director.
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