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Legalization for Qatar, Egypt, UAE

Legislative norms of the majority of countries stipulate that the documents issued by one country are not valid in the territory of another. Still, the modern population of the Earth is quite mobile, and this leads to migration. As a result, the papers often need to be adapted to legislation of the new country.

Most countries of the world perform the apostilization procedure to achieve that. However, several countries do not recognize any apostilles. These also include Qatar, Egypt, UAE or Saudi Arabia. Legalization will help resolve this legal conflict.

Legalization of documents is a process which grants legal force to documents issued by one country to make them effective in another country.

The procedure of legalization is quite complicated and time-consuming. You need to visit four institutions and obtain a respective note in your papers in each of them. The procedure of passing all these stages as well as literacy and accuracy of original documents are important.

  1. Notary. First, you need to visit a certified notary. The lawyer will certify the copy and translation of the required document and have it affixed with his/her signature and seal.
  2. Ministry of Justice of Ukraine. Then, you need to visit the Ministry of Justice. An authorized official shall certify the seal and signature of the notary.
  3. Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine. Another authorized person from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs shall certify the notes made by the Ministry of Justice.
  4. Consulate of the destination country. Finally, the consulate of the country to which you wish to travel shall certify the notes left at the previous stage. From now on, your documents shall be deemed certified and valid.

This instruction is based on the fact that legalization of a copy and translation of the necessary document is performed simultaneously. Several countries do not approve of such procedure and request to do this by turns. Then you will have to pass the same procedure twice, first with the copy, then with the translation.

As we see, the process is troublesome and lengthy. To avoid unpleasant impressions, you can entrust this to professionals in the sphere of translation documents and legalization.

“Apostille & Tochka” Agency has been working in this business area for over six years, and we know for sure what to do. We work even with such unusual countries like Qatar or Saudi Arabia, not to mention Egypt and UAE. With our assistance, you will have your papers executed in due time and manner. Feel free to call us right now to make your dream come true as soon as possible.

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