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How to recover ITN in Ukraine

to recover itn

Almost everywhere, where the identification of a person may be required, state authorities or private structures (for example, banks) ask to provide a certificate of payment of taxes along with the passport. We also often refer to this document as an identification code, and shortly, an ITN.

In order not to face the problem of the absence of such a certificate at the most inopportune moment, you should learn in advance how to restore the ITN, if it has been lost or significantly damaged. In fact, this procedure is sufficiently simple, if you are willing to spend a bit of your time. Below, our article describes more detailed information on this issue, having become acquainted with which you can see for yourself that it is quite easy to restore an ITN in Ukraine.

Documents, which are necessary to prepare before starting the procedure of an ITN recovery:

  • A handwritten statement stating that you need to re-issue a taxpayer's certificate due to damage or loss of the original;
  • Copies of all completed pages of the passport, most often the first pages, where the main data are indicated, as well as a page with a note about the place of registration (residence);
  • Receipt about payment of state duty for the issue of ITN for the second time - this is an important component, because without payment you will not be given a certificate.

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Where to submit documents for ITN recovery and what is the further procedure?

In Ukraine, the USR has been created, which contains all information about you as a payer of taxes. That is why the answer to the question «how to recover the identification code?» is very simple - it is necessary to contact the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine with the documents prepared in advance. For your convenience, this can be any branch of the SFS nearest to your place of residence.

It is worth remembering that for the re-issue of ITN it is absolutely not important where you received it before and you will not need to specially go to another locality for this certificate, if you change your place of residence.

Therefore, the necessary package of documents should be accepted in any department, check it, and if everything is in order, then within 7 working days you will be able to get a new certificate on your hands and no longer to worry about how to recover ITN.

Can I recover a taxpayer’s certificate without personal presence?

The procedure described above does not really take much time without taking into account extraneous factors, however, often the submission of documents are complicated by large queues that must be personally maintained. We will help you quickly get the ITN without personal involvement in this process.

For this will be required:

  • Copy of the passport (the first and second page of the passport);
  • Power of attorney for our employee certified by a notary (we will tell you how it will be most convenient to do this so that you do not lose time).

Thus, you will have a guaranteed result and the thought of how to recover document the identification code will not bother you anymore.

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