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Where to affix Apostille onto diploma

Apostille on diploma is a square stamp completed by a competent authority and affixed to the original document. It is required for the document to be recognized not only in the issuing country, but also in other states. This stamp should be obtained by any person willing to continue the education or find a job abroad.

When the purposes of obtaining Apostille are clear, we can proceed to the list of organizations affixing it. There is only one body authorized to verify the education certificates. That is Information and Image Center of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine (MESU). It is this institution the affixes Apostille onto diplomas, graduation certificates and addenda thereto, as well as issues relative references.

How to process apostilles on your own

Now that we are aware of where apostille is processed, let’s investigate this procedure. To MESU credit, it should be noted that the service is quite well implemented. The official website not only presents the key data for all services provided by the Center, but also enables registration for the visit at a fixed time.

If you fail for any reasons to register via Internet, you can enter your data at the Electronic Queuing System at site. Although, neither of the options saves you from waiting. At busy season, lots of graduates and their parents come to the Information and Image Center, and not all of them manage to submit their documents.

To obtain an Apostille, a minimum set of documents is required. So, you will need:

  • original documents you are going to apostillisation;
  • two copies of each document, without any certification;
  • consent to processing your personal data; the sample is available for download from the Center website.

The papers are submitted in a clear sheet protector, and when you visit the authority will be asked to show your passport to verify your identity.

You will also need to pay for the service fee. Depending on the terms it may comprise UAH 180 per stamp and over. Please note that diploma and addendum thereto are considered as two different documents requiring two stamps, accordingly.

As a rule, apostilling a diploma takes about 30 business days. If to express this period in calendar days, it is about a month and a half. You may also order an expedited processing service. It may be accomplished even within two hours, but it is pricey as well.

IMPORTANT. In the majority of cases, legalization of documents issued in Ukraine as such is not sufficient to enter foreign educational establishments. Translation of a diploma, graduation certificate and addenda is often required to be performed AFTER the document is apostilled. You can order a translation into more than three dozens of world languages at our company.

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