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What documents are required for nostrification?

Not only our students and specialists go abroad in search of happiness, young people also come to Ukraine for cheap and high-quality education. In order to proceed studying at our country it is required to provide evidence of accomplishment the preceding educational stage. To enter a higher educational institution one needs a graduation certificate, and for Master’s programme – a Bachelor diploma.

Unfortunately, neither of the “sheepskins” acquired abroad are not valid in our state, and need to pass nostrification to be legalized.

Nostrification of a graduation certificate or diploma is a mandatory process for recognizing foreign educational documents in higher educational institutions of Ukraine.

The following list of documents needs to be submitted to the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine to commence the procedure:

  1. Standard pattern application.
  2. Originals of documents issued in the native country.
  3. Apostille for states with which Ukraine does not have an agreement for mutual recognition of documents.
  4. Copies of educational certificates.
  5. Notarized translations thereof into Ukrainian.
  6. Passport copy.
  7. Permission for accessing personal data (in order the Ministry of Education and Science be entitled to inquire your data).
  8. Where available, a copy of invitation from the Ukrainian side.

Nostrification of an educational document takes about three months. The result of this process may be complete or partial recognition of the document, or rejection. In case of partial recognition the additional transfer work must be fulfilled. In addition thereto, one should note that all communication in official establishments, including submission of the application, is conducted in Ukrainian, which can be a kind of problem in course of the interaction.

It is possible to reduce time for preparing the documents and avoid the communication barrier by addressing the professionals. The staff of “Apostil i Tochka” translation agency will be pleased to accomplish everything on your behalf. You will just need to come to pick up the finalized certificate.

If you personally decide to go to study or work abroad, you will require nostrification of the Ukrainian diploma. In such case you will have to legalize the paper at the destination in accordance with the local laws.

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