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What is Nostrification?

Persons, who obtained education abroad, very often face problems upon continuation of education or already upon employment in our country. The matter is that foreign certificates and diplomas do not comply with the Ukrainian standards. In order to legalize them it is necessary to pass the procedure of nostrification.

Nostrification is a process, which gives legal force to foreign educational documents in the territory of Ukraine. The result is the certificate of the established order with expert’s conclusion. The last may be a full or partial acknowledgment, as well as a refusal from this.

The exclusive right to make the nostrification has Ministry of Education and Science. This is regulated by the Order of MES No. 632 “The order of acknowledgment and establishment of equivalence in Ukraine of educational documents issued by educational institutions of other states” of 28.05.2012, approved in MinJust on 14.06.2012 under No. 960/21272.

Stages of documents nostrification in Ukraine

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This procedure has the established stages, they are equal for many specialties:

  • Preparation of documents package and its submission in Ministry of Education and Science;
  • Comparative analysis of the compliance of training programs of foreign institution with the standards and rules of Ukraine;
  • Expert’s conclusion by the analysis results;
  • Issuance of certificate.

How much costs the nostrification of documents in Ukraine?

If you want to get the service of nostrification from our company – simply choose the convenient term of execution depending on the nostrification type:

Nostrification60 working days4485 UAH
50 working days5005 UAH
40 working days5440 UAH
5, 10, 20 working days*check with the manager
Comparative analysis of subjects30 working days2865 UAH
10 working days3500 UAH

*Is possible upon presence of certificate from educational institution
**The price is not a public offer.
***Deadlines for consideration of documents by the Ministry may be increased.

According to the Order of MES, about which we mentioned above, the following documents are not liable to nostrification:

  • Of citizens of the former USSR, obtained before May 15, 1992;
  • Issued by educational institutions and their branches without license and official registration as subjects of rendering educational services;
  • Not containing the information about awarding to documents holder of a certain educational or educational-qualification level, by which he/she is given academic or professional rights.

All other types of documents can be submitted for nostrification.

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