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What is Apostille?

Example of “apostille” stamp

Example of an apostille stamp

Apostille is a special stamp confirming the authenticity of issued document among the countries, which have signed the Hague Convention of 1961. Since then a number of countries, which accept apostilled documents, constantly increase. It is affixed by one of the ministries of Ukraine, which issued the document liable to apostillization.

More often this stamp may be required upon:

  • Obtainment of residence permit abroad;
  • Employment abroad;
  • Study in foreign educational institutions;
  • Creation of legal entity abroad.

The seal itself has a strictly approved form and structure. This is a square with the side of not less than 9 cm. The presence of the French heading: "APPOSTILLE (conventiondelaHayeduOctobre 1961)" is also obligatory.

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Graphs and their order are strictly scheduled:

  • Name of the country, which issued the apostille certificate.
  • Surname of the person, who signed the document, which the apostille certifies.
  • His/her position.
  • Name of the state institution, which affixed the seal on document.
  • Name of the city, where the apostille was registered.
  • Date of the seal registration.
  • Name of the authority, which certified the paper.
  • Unique number.
  • Stamp of the agency, which helped to certify the apostille.
  • Signature of the official, who registered the seal.

It is interesting that until now is used the stamp of sample of 1961 without significant changes.

Double apostillization

The procedure of double apostillization is characterized by the fact that besides affixing stamp on document original, it is necessary to make the paper translation into the language of the host country, notarize this translation and to affix stamp on the translated document.

Countries, which require double apostillization:

  • Portugal;
  • France;
  • Switzerland;
  • Belgium;
  • Austria;
  • Holland (the Netherlands).

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