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Where can notarial documents be apostilled

A notarial document is any official paper in issuing of which a notary is involved. These are, for instance, powers of attorney, translations, bank statements etc.

If you are going to present abroad the enlisted papers issued in Ukraine, you will need to have them legalized. For the majority of countries this is done by means of Apostille stamping. So, here are the cases where notarial documents are apostilled.

Acquisition requirements

You should note that a notary does not affix an Apostille. It is endorsed in the single establishment – the Ministry of Justice. Regional dwellers may address the Department of Justice that is the nearest to their home.

The formalities require the payment of UAH 51 of state duty. The preparation takes one day. In certain cases it may take up to 20 business days, for instance, if the Department officials have to verify any stamps or signatures.

There are no particular requirements towards legalization of notarial documents. It is necessary to submit the original and its copy to the organization mentioned above. However, the copies may be taken at site as well. Do not forget to take your passport when visiting the Ministry or Department.

Independently or via agents

There is a possibility to get notarial documents apostilled through companies specializing in such manipulations. This offer is of special relevance for people residing in non-regional centres. While the Ministry still has not implemented remote submission of documents, this task may only be fulfilled by travelling to another city. This incurs additional costs and waste of time.

Besides, preparation of any type of papers requires bureaucratic precision. A person facing this issue for the first time is most likely not aware of all nuances and features, and may unconsciously make errors or skip them, if any. The specialist, on the other hand, will execute this all “on turn-key” basis. In our opinion, this is the right situation to rely upon professionals.

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