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Apostille of Power of Attorney in Ukraine

If the matter is about the notarized power of attorney, than in Ukraine it can be used in its original form. If you need to use this document abroad, you have to make an additional registration.

How the apostille affixing on power of attorney is carried out

The power of attorney is printed with putting the date of issue and the expiry date (if the last is not specified, then the document remains valid until the cancellation). Besides the notarization, you will need the confirmation of the power of attorney by apostille, that is, a special square stamp of the relevant institution. Just in such manner you should secure the authenticity of the signature and the principal’s status. It will be necessary to make the translation of all details of the document into the official language of the country, for which the power of attorney is designated.

We should note that the apostille stamp is valid only in the territories of the countries-participants of the Hague Convention(1961). In all other situations the consular legalization is required.

The apostille is affixed on the original or sewed to the original translation of the powers of attorney. Besides, this stamp may confirm the notarized copy of the power of attorney or the translation sewed to the notarized copy.

Nuances of apostillization procedure and prices

In the territories of different countries there are own legal nuances: for example, there are the states, where the translations document made in Ukraine are considered invalid (among them are Brazil and Germany). In Italy the translation work must be performed by accredited translator, after that the document is transferred to the Embassy. In Austria the second apostille must be affixed on the power of attorney.

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Price of apostille

Not urgently – 7-10 w. d.

555 UAH

*The price is not a public offer

Any inaccuracy could frustrate the contract and adversely affect the relationships with your partners. We are ready to advise you regarding the apostillization rules in each specific country. Ministry of Justice of Ukraine carries out the above procedure for 1-5 days (the cost of the service depends on the period of execution). We guarantee to our customers a prompt passage of all instances and certainly positive result.

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