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Legalization of documents in China

China is a popular country for migration, especially among the residents of Ukraine. Legal migration takes place through the Chinese Embassy in Ukraine, since China has not signed The Hague Agreement

Law on the Ukrainian language: what business has to change?

Not so long ago the law on the Ukrainian language as a single state language came into force. How will it affect business, website owners and personal blogs?

How to make an affidavit in Ukraine?

 An affidavit is a special document by means of which papers are subject to certification if they cannot be legalized in a particular Ministry

Mail services for sending documents

Considering the possibilities provided by modern means of electronic communication, the need for the use of document transfer by post has appreciably decreased. However, this service is very relevant today

Certificate about marital status: simple and quick procedure of preparation

When collecting a package of documents for traveling abroad for various reasons, you may need a document that will confirm one of the possible options for your marital status.

How to recover ITN in Ukraine

How and where to restore the identification code in Ukraine? We answer the questions of our customers!

Police clearance certificate online: peculiarities of issuance

How to get police clearance certificate through the internet? We have created a unique form to order this document just in 1 minute!

How does an apostille in Ukraine look like

Examples stamps apostilled documents issued on the territory of Ukraine

All about electronic Apostille in Ukraine

In order to simplify registration and legalization of documents, Ministry of Justice has introduced from November 20, 2015 a new procedure for Ukraine - electronic apostillization of documents.

How to put apostille of Power of Attorney In Ukraine

If the matter is about the notarized power of attorney, than in Ukraine it can be used in its original form. If you need to use this document abroad, you have to make an additional registration.

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