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Do you need to perform a high-quality translation of the text in the shortest time possible? Then you've come to the right place. Translation agency "Apostille and Tochka" provides professional translation services of any complexity. It doesn't matter whether you need to translate a single page or an entire book our office will deal with the task.

What does a professional translation agency do?

The job of the agency is not just to translate words from one language to another, as many may think. Professional translation of documents is a complex process that involves a complete understanding of the source information, competent interpretation, and adaptation of the new text to the speech norms of the desired language.

The presence of specialized education or deep knowledge in various fields – medicine, finance, law, etc. is extremely important for our employees. Our translation agency in Kiev also provides services:

  • Apostille;
  • Police clearance certificates;
  • Recovery of documents;
  • Nostrification;
  • Recovery of ITN.

Website translations are especially important in our business. Anyone who wants to bring their business to the international level should take care of digitalization of the brand or production abroad.


In addition, you need to prepare a website that will correctly highlight your advantages for competent cooperation with foreign partners. Our agency staff will help you with this. The final project of the site is read not only by our proofreader, but also by the native speaker.

What guarantees cooperation with our document translation agency

Our translation agency guarantees 100 % quality of the result. This means that the text will be correctly translated and adapted to the norms of the target language. Errors are completely excluded. After all, a couple of people work on translation in our office: the translator himself and the proofreader.

An agency's manager is assigned to each project. He will act as an intermediary between the customer and the work team. He will control the entire process-from accepting the application to sending the finished translation.

The large staff of the Apostille and Tochka translation agency ensures prompt work, compliance with deadlines, and processing even huge volumes in a short time.

Although our office is located in Kyiv, we provide translation services all over the country. You can ask our managers the price list for our services. Our website has comprehensive information about our activities, it contains all our certificates, as well as information about other services we provide.

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